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2011 Football Season Ticket Prices; Oklahoma State Versus Big 12 and Other Comparable Schools

I am just going to leave this table right here.  It is heavy, and I need to put it down.  It is not my intention to point out the obvious imbalance in Oklahoma State season ticket prices versus other schools in the Big 12 and other comparable schools, in spite of the stated goal of the athletic department being to sell more season tickets and less individual game tickets... it's just that I am getting tired of holding this table, and I need to set it down somewhere.  This spot here seems as good as any place to put it, so here I am... casually, without any ulterior motive, laying this table down here.

School Cheapest Seat Decent Seats
Oklahoma State $384 or 4 for $1200 $479
Georgia Tech $350 $475
Oklahoma $395 $395
Texas $395 $395
Texas A&M $250 $400
Texas Tech $189 $429
Kansas $199 $350
Missouri $229 or 5 for $539 $319
Kansas State $210 or 4 for $599 $320
Purdue $147 $259
Oregon State $126 $254
Baylor $90 $195
Iowa State $99 $175


Table Description
These are the published 2011 season ticket prices as shown on the official athletic site for each school.
Cheapest Seat = The lowest published price that will get you through the gates for every home game.  Typically end zone and upper level seats.
Decent Seats = Lowest price to sit halfway up, between the 20's.
None of the prices include donations or seat fees or any of that, although most require that as well (including OSU)
The table is sorted from highest to lowest, by average of cheapest and decent seat prices.