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Oklahoma State Golf Ready to Take National Championship #51 at Karsten Creek

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When talking about our favorite sports teams, especially when they are on the precipice of success, we tend to try not to talk about that team winning until it actually comes to pass because of a fear of some kind of "jinx".  We "knock on wood" to try and compensate for any slip of the tongue.  Well, to hell with jinxes.  This coming Sunday afternoon, Oklahoma State will win it's eleventh NCAA golf championship, and 51st team national championship overall. 

On paper it is easy to laugh in the face of any superstition.  OSU is the number one ranked team in the country and is playing this week at OSU's own Karsten Creek, the course that they practice on day in and day out.  OSU has Peter Uihlein, the number one ranked amateur golfer in the world.  So, we have these things going for us...which is nice.  

OSU faces some competition from the likes of UCLA, defending champs Augusta State, Texas A&M, Georgia, and Georgia Tech.  The thirty team field will play three rounds of stroke play (where shots are added or subtracted from zero, or "Even"), then will take the top eight stroke play teams and switch to three days of match play where individual golfers will earn their school a point for every hole they best their opponents.  Although some think the equalizing match play has cost State the tournament the last two years, with Uihlein and Senior Cowboy golfer Kevin Tway, OSU has some of the most excellent college golfers to choose from for that round.

Stay tuned this week for more updates on the run to # 51...