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Let's Get Pasted: 6/15/2011 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.


Orange-circle_medium Store Front - - Official Team Auction - Current Auction Items
In regards to stuff, there are two extremes of people.  There are the people that are very nostalgic - these would be your scrapbookers, collectors, the friend that takes 100 pictures every time you go out, the ex-boy/girlfriend that hangs onto that "The Verve Pipe" concert t-shirt you left at their place in 1998... basically people that love to hang onto things that invoke specific memories. The other side of the coin are ultimate consumers. They buy and use things at a frenetic pace, and as soon as something they have no longer has a use, on to craigslist or into the trash it goes. These are people that value a clutterless environment much more than stupid memories of some bullshit concert I went to 100 years ago.... that shit is in the past.

What I am getting at is that the Colorado Athletic Department is a cold-hearted, nostalgia-less consumer. 

"Ehhh, the big 6/7/8/12 was great while it lasted, but that shit is done. Don't care anymore. Let's clear these rafters out and put up some "I love LA" posters that reflect the here and now."

"Are you sure you don't want to put these in our historical museum?  Ya know... something to represent where we came from and how things used to be?"

"Eat shit you sentimental pansy."

Orange-circle_medium TJMaxx, Jo-Ann Fabrics stores coming to Stillwater " Local News " Stillwater NewsPress
RECRUITING TOOL!!!  I have to assume that Coach Gundy sent this article to Barry Sanders Jr as some added enticement.


Orange-circle_medium M-I-Z... E-R-Y: Kirk Hinrich vs Eduardo Najera - Rock M Nation
Fun series over at RockMNation that is a bracket of various things that caused the Missouri fanbase to experience some misery, which will eventually count down to the worst moment for Mizzou. Here is the intro post... and hey, Oklahoma State makes an appearance!

Orange-circle_medium If You Like Mack Brown, You'll Love The Longhorn Network - From Our Editors -
Stuff about the lineup of the Longhorn network.  Unfortunately it will be severely lacking in McConaughey, Walker Texas Ranger, Fishing with Colt and Jordan, 2005 Rose Bowl replays with porn music played over it for use as a masturbation aid, and trustafarian culture.


Orange-circle_medium The Amateur: Indoor Football League, Or Outdoor Assault -
Incredible stuff here.

Orange-circle_medium Baseball Players And Their Representative Volcanoes - Baseball Nation
Same here. Everyone loves a comparison article. I like that this one goes to the absolute extreme and compares 2 diametrically opposite things.

The following two links didn't really fit into any of my above categories. I vow to revise my categories.

Orange-circle_medium College: Awards: All-America Teams: 2011 College All-America Team

Orange-circle_medium Vagina Medicine Left Out Where Anyone Can See It | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
I know, I know.  Linking to the onion is as blog-generic as blog-generic gets, but this just slayed me for some reason.