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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft: Rounds 1 and 2 Are In the Books

Haven't heard about the SB Nation Conference Re-draft project? Click here, then here.

As the title of this post suggests, the first two rounds have been concluded, and if I were to sum up the draft in one word, that word would be FOOTBAW!!!!!SEC!!!!!!!FOOTBAW!!!!!!!MONEY!!!!

Here are the results:

Round-Pick Conference Commissioner Selection
1-1 Conference #1 BC Interruption TEXAS
1-2 Conference #2 Black Heart Gold Pants FLORIDA
1-3 Conference #3 Team Speed Kills ALABAMA
1-4 Conference #4 Big East Coast Bias OHIO STATE
1-5 Conference #5 House of Sparky USC
1-6 Conference #6 Red Cup Rebellion LSU
2-7 Conference #6 Red Cup Rebellion MICHIGAN
2-8 Conference #5 House of Sparky NOTRE DAME
2-9 Conference #4 Big East Coast Bias FLORIDA STATE
2-10 Conference #3 Team Speed Kills OKLAHOMA
2-11 Conference #2 Black Heart Gold Pants PENN STATE
2-12 Conference #1 BC Interruption GEORGIA

Not a lot of golf schools in there.

This really shouldn't be a surprise though. The most effective fantasy draft strategy has always been to take your power with the first 2 picks (usually RB-RB in football), and this draft is no different.  I was hoping there would be the equivalent of the one dude who always likes to get cute and take a WR and a QB with their first two picks, but alas, everyone created a financially solid base for their conference.  Hopefully someone will out-clever themselves and take the equivalent of a tight end in the next couple of rounds.

So there are a lot of schools available, obviously. Who would you take next, and when/where do you think Oklahoma State will go?

Note: There will be a slight format change for the rest of the draft.  From now on we will just be picking at will and reporting the results as often as we want. The method of drafting proved to be much quicker and easier than we anticipated so we should be able to get through this whole thing in the next few weeks.