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Marshall Moses Potentially Headed to France

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Disclaimer: This is all twitter rumor at this point. But it is all from Marshall's account so it is as good of a source as you can get.

To tack onto the LGP from today that was talking about Marshall Moses and his twitter feed, he was online this morning and discussing not getting drafted. There was a lot of his usual motivational stuff in there including this gem:

"They counted me out my freshman yr when I had to sit the bench 1 yr and s half too... See how that turned out?! Lol"

Then Marshall mentioned that it is all good because he has a good one year deal and a plan.  When asked about his plan, he responded with:


Then followed that up with some more tweets about heading overseas and working on his game.

So it looks like Moses will be taking his nice inside game, soft touch, and ridiculous physique (in a straight way) across the pond to the land of the baguette, wine, and romance (and probably some other stuff).  I'm not sure of any details other than what he has tweeted at this point (so technically this is all still at an "alleged" status), but I'm sure we will find out more about his plans soon. Maybe he will be sharing the court with everyone's favorite reformed Cowboy, David Monds.