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NCAA Golf Championship: Match Play Day 1 Open Thread

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Well the Pokes managed to finish stroke play (giggle) tied for 3rd (and win the tiebreaker with Illinois), and enter match play today where they will take on Ohio State. Tee time for the OSU vs OSU matchup is set for 12:15

All Friday Tee Times are here:

Group Time UCLA Duke
1 10:00 Alex Kim Austin Cody
2 10:09 Pedro Figueiredo Julian Suri
3 10:18 Gregor Main Wes Roach
4 10:27 Pontus Widegren Tim Gornik
5 10:36 Patrick Cantlay Brinson Paolini

Group Time Illinois Georgia
6 10:45 Mason Jacobs Bryden MacPherson
7 10:54 Thomas Pieters T.J. Mitchell
8 11:03 Chris DeForest Hudson Swafford
9 11:12 Scott Langley Russell Henley
10 11:21 Luke Guthrie Harris English

Group Time Georgia Tech Augusta State
11 11:30 Richy Werenski Olle Bengtsson
12 11:39 Paul Haley Carter Newman
13 11:48 Kyle Scott Mitchell Krywulycz
14 11:57 J.T. Griffin Henrik Norlander
15 12:06 James White Patrick Reed

Group Time Oklahoma State Ohio State
16 12:15 Talor Gooch Alex Redfield
17 12:24 Sean Einhaus Michael Cress
18 12:33 Morgan Hoffmann Dan Charen
19 12:42 Kevin Tway Brad Smith
20 12:51 Peter Uihlein Bo Hoag

Feel free to discuss.. you know.. golfing and golfing related things. Here is a quick list of what is and is not deemed as acceptable to do in this golf thread.

Acceptable: Post score updates for those that cannot attend or view the leaderboard
Unacceptable: Talk about how golf isn't a real sport and the NC's from it are meaningless. Golf is real... i have seen it.

Acceptable: Observations about the course from the time you played Karsten.
Unacceptable: Any other type of discussion about your own golf game.  We know, one time you almost had a hole in one, another time you eagled #3 at Lakeside. Everyone has these types of golf stories..... we care about our own, everyone else's are boring....especially Royal's.

Acceptable: Pictures of attractive people golfing.
Unacceptable: Pictures of unattractive people doing anything. (This is a pretty person blog)