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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Project Draft Kit

Haven't heard about the conference re-draft project? Clicky.

We have all fallen for the $100 fantasy draft kit before right?  Oh, I shouldn't take a kicker until the last round? Thanks draft kit... here is my e-cash.  Well I figured that I should follow that model and scam some money out of our fake conference commissioners for this conference re-draft as well. So give me all your paypals BC Interruption, Red Cup Rebellion, Big East Coast Bias, Black Heart Gold Pants, Team Speed Kills and House of Sparky.

Alright, so this really won't be a draft kit that gives advice or anything, more of a resource list that will provide quick access to information that a conference may value in their selection process. Enjoy the value.

The Official CRFF Conference Re-Draft Project Draft Kit/Resource List

Athletic Revenue
Athletic Revenue 2005-2009
(top 150 programs).  This is from a post I did last summer. The numbers are from Equality in Athletics. Here is a snapshot of the top 60 programs over that time period (click the image for a more detailed version).

TV Ratings
Excellent listing of the top 210 media markets, and which universities fall under that market
.  In theory, this list shows from top to bottom which schools/programs have the most potential local TV's available to watch their games.
Top 10 viewed games of 2010

Obligatory US News and World Report rankings. Barf.

Here are some links to various attractive student body rankings.  Most are horrible (one has Nebraska at #35!?!?!?!?), but they are here for draft reference purposes, not "hey look at these chicks" purposes.  This is where I put my almost daily disclaimer that CRFF is not actually a porn, or a porn linking, site.
Pop Crunch: Top 50 Universities Ranked By Looks
College Prowler: Girl Grades
Busted Coverage: Hottest Girls of the BCS

Historic Success
National Championships by School
Football ("M") National Championships by School
Football Winning Percentage since 1869
Basketball National Championships by School

This one may or may not be considered, but here are some links anyway.  Unfortunately, not a single rivalry ranking lists Farmageddon anywhere, so I'm not sure how much weight we can really give these.
NewsWeek: Top 12 College Rivalries
America's Best Online: Greatest College Football Rivalries
Huffington Post: Greatest College Sports Rivalries
Campus Grotto: 10 Best College Basketball Rivalries

Party Rankings
Thanks to an excellent suggestions by Something Witty, here are the party school rankings that I could dig up.  This should play some kind of a role in school selection after all.  Keep in mind though, the ranking method is obviously subjective instead of being based on something concrete like chug races, or STD rates, or paternity suits per capita, or any other hard facts that there are good times to be had on campus.
Princeton Review Top 20 Party Schools for 2011 ( I cant find the full list anywhere)
Playboy Top Ten Party Schools (I linked to the Huff Post article about it instead of directly so no one gets fired for accidentally porning at work)

That is all I have for now...however, this Draft Kit will evolve as other variables are suggested.  So what other aspects could be included in program evaluation?