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CRFF Official Endorsement for DOK Beat Writer

It has come to our attention that the position of Oklahoma State beat writer is open. Oklahoman sports editior Mike Sherman is looking for writing samples and digital work from potential candidates.

Our reccomendation is to look no further than Kyle Porter. The kid is good.

As the official voice of Oklahoma State on SB Nation, Cowboys Ride For Free feels that it is important for the OSU Beat writer to be plugged in to the heart of Oklahoma State Football. Someone that can break the news stories and  interact with the readers. If you read Pistols Firing Blog, you'll quickly see that this is exactly what Kyle does.

Most importantly, it needs to be someone that wants it.  We truly believe that Pistols Guy cares about Oklahoma State, and recommend him without hesitation for the position of beat writer at the Daily Oklahoman.

Please email Mike at and let him know you agree. It's for the best.


Cincy Joe on behalf of Cowboys Ride For Free

You can check out the Pistols Guy's Letter to the Editor here