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Big 12 Media Days: Day 2 Live Thread

11:00 Head Coach Tommy Tuberville
Cody Davis | Seth Doege | Mickey Okafor
11:20 Head Coach Turner Gill
Tim Biere | Jeremiah Hatch | Steven Johnson
11:40 Head Coach Paul Rhoads
Darius Darks | Jack Knott | Kelechi Osemele
12:00 Head Coach Bill Snyder
Arthur Brown | Tysyn Hartman | Collin Klein
12:20 Head Coach Bob Stoops
Ryan Broyles | Landry Jones | Travis Lewis

It's Day two of Big 12 Media Days and we couldn't be happier. Day one is in the books and we all got laid last night.

Seriously though, could they not divide things up a little better than this? Texas Tech, Kansas, Iowa State, Kansas State and Oklahoma? The bottom half of the conference all in one day? I guess if you look on the bright side, they're giving everyone time to shake the hangover before the big boys come to the table.

If you're brave, you can try and catch the live feed here. If you just want to talk shit with us, join the live gamethread below. I'm sure there will be plenty of great analysis of what Tuberville is wearing and who is nicer guy between Bill Snyder and Paul Rhoads.

We welcome your input. We really do!