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The Afternoon Ride, 7/26/2011


Remember when newspapers used to deliver an afternoon paper with all of the days news in it? Yeah, we don't either but we thought it would  be cool  to have all relevant OSU news in one place to read in about 5 minutes.  Introducing.....The Afternoon Ride

Joe Randle will play key role for OSU, from the Wichita Eagle

According to The Daily Oklahoman's Jenni Carlson, The Million Dollar Man Brandon Weeden is the best Quarterback in the state. Tell us something we don't know Jenny!

A great recap of Big 12 Media Days by ESPN's David Ubben. Kudos to Coach Gundy for winning the "best dressed" award. I have to say, he looked very sharp and the orange pocket square was a NICE touch.

Orie Lemon and Dan Bailey are heading to Dallas God knows they need help at the kicker position. And God is a Dallas fan. Also worth noting that Ugo Chinasa signed with the Carolina Panthers. We wish them all the best of luck.

Some good OSU Football Notes from the Oklahoman. How they are dealing with the heat, record breaking season ticket sales, Blackmon's future, Markell Martin's accountability for the defense and Coach Gundy calling Blackmon fat.

This should put any questions about this year's offense under Monken to rest