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The Afternoon Ride: 7.27.2011


Remember when newspapers used to deliver an afternoon paper with all of the days news in it? Yeah, we don't either but we thought it would be cool to have all relevant OSU news in one place to read in about 5 minutes. Introducing.....The Afternoon Ride

Looks like a PAC-12 Network deal might be in the works.  Larry Scott is holding a presser at 4:00 to divulge some details about the "major news on developments regarding the Pac-12 Network".  Video here of the press conference.
Scott says they are creating a national PAC-12 network, along with 6 PAC-12 regional networks. One for each region of the conference, Oregon, Washington, NorCal, SoCal, Arizona, Mountain.
"Every football, and men's basketball game will be available for viewing"
All the details are here.

Gregg Doyel of makes some great points about the Longhorn Network, the best being a call out of Texas A&M President.  A blurb from the outstanding piece...

I guess I'll start with Texas A&M and its comical level of hypocrisy. The Aggies' president, R. Bowen Loftin, issued a condescendingly dense statement that could come only from a school president, one who wears a bowtie and uses a first initial for a first name....

Money Money Money Money, Money

A good read from the Kansas City Star about the Big 12's "Lesser Lights"

OSU Golfer Kevin Tway signs with Nike. Congrats Kevin, no can we have some free clubs? Shoes? No? Ok.

Dan Bailey is excited to be a part of the Dallas Cowboy competition for kicking duties. Beat out David Buehler and Kris Brown and the job is his. Seems like a no brainer to me, as long as he shows up and delivers in camp.

Crimson and Cream Machine must be wanting something from us. They've got OSU at the top of their Secondary Position Rankings. For the millionth time guys, we're not letting you sit in our suite at Bedlam!

 ESPN talks about Oklahoma State's National Title Aspirations. (Video Below)