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The Afternoon Ride 7.29.2011


Remember when newspapers used to deliver an afternoon paper with all of the days news in it? Yeah, we don't either but we thought it would be cool to have all relevant OSU news in one place to read in about 5 minutes.
Introducing.....The Afternoon Ride

Covering this for Cincy today.  And since I am, I'm introducing some upskirts new features to it that may become staples.

Tweet of the Day
The best Oklahoma State related tweet of the day.  


This @LeBryan_Nash02 tweet really cuts to the core of the issue of regret that as human beings we all have to deal with. Maybe your particular flavor of regret is not spending more time with your grandparents while they were around, maybe you regret not going further in your studies, maybe you regret a falling out between friends that happened years ago, or maybe, if you are like LeBryan Nash, maybe you regret that you didn't put it to more girls in high school as it is now apparent that they were more than willing to have you to put it to them.  As the saying goes, "Live, learn, love, leave no dick regrets".

CRFF Comments of the Week
A Friday only feature that is a shout out to the best comment of the week.  There will be 2 categories, most rec's (self explanatory), and editor's choice (we pick our favorite). So if you aren't a rec'r, start rec'ing the comments that deserve it so this can turn into a more exciting competition each week.

Comment of the Week (most rec's)


From the post:  Big 12 Media Days 2011 Live Gamethread
Obviously Upgrayedd's green comment is the winner, I just showed the previous 2 for context  Congrats Upgrayedd! And yes, that feed did suck, and whats worse is that it sucked in the exact same way it sucked last year.  Maybe the Nebraska AV Club was assigned to fixing it for 2011.

Comment of the Week (Editor's Choice)


From the post:  Big 12 Media Days 2011 Live Gamethread
This is just a masterpiece of a comment by OStateJasper. Everyone was on fire in that Media Days livethread from Monday.  Good job to all.

After the jump, more uniform craze, a new 2012 commit, and the greatest soundbite to ever come out of Big 12 Media Days.



Orange-circle_medium More uniform hype. has stepped it up and created a uniform combo creator tool where you can pair all the different aspects of the uniforms together in all the possible combinations.  Very cool stuff from the official site.  My favorite one that we probably will never see is black helmet, orange jersey, black pants. Sick looking.

Orange-circle_medium Here is a collection of wallpapers you can download with players in the new uni's. Might have to grab the Jones, Martin, Blatnick one. Mean looking.

Side question about uniforms... Why do uniforms have the ability to turn the most hardcore of macho men into HGTV fashionistas? Look, I'm curious to see the guys in the new unis, and all the speculation about them is good exposure and all, but I am just amazed at the burliest of football fans getting weak in the knees about fashion.  I work with a dude that is from Guymon, watches Nascar, owns like 20 boats that all need work, has a mustache, religiously watches college and pro football every week with his bros either at a sports bar or from his recliner... he is a man's man is what I am saying. Well this morning, he comes up to me and says (in his most hardcore of Guymon drawls):
"I seen the new uniforms. The all black's are sweet, and the bright white with orange are really somethin... they are eye-catching."
Under no other circumstances would this guy say something like that about fabric. Football uni's have power.

Orange-circle_medium Welcome commitment #12 to the 2012 recruiting class. Victor Ironski is a 3-star DE/LB hybrid who, in spite of his name and at great disappointment to Yachoff, does not appear to be Russian. Great pro-OSU quote here.

So, you know, when I got the offer yesterday I kind of thought about it, talked about it a little bit, and did a little research and then, you know, it was just the best fit for me. Colorado is about a six hour drive away from here and OSU is big time football. They have all the support in the world, they've got great fans up there, the best facilities in the Big 12 and all that, so I decided to go there instead of Colorado.

Keep in mind that Ironski was previously committed to Colorado, and in fact just gave them his verbal 17 days ago.  So on the one hand that is a nice job by Coach Spencer on swinging him to Stilly, but let's just hope no other "better" offers come up as he is obviously cool with changing his mind.  Typical Russian.

Orange-circle_medium And lastly... probably the greatest soundbite to ever come out of Big 12 Media Days.