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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft: 6.8 Rounds are Done

I'm back from  vacation and ready to piss everyone off with the assortment of programs that were selected in front of our beloved Oklahoma State Pickens Wallets.  Here is the current board:

1 Texas Florida Bama Ohio State USC LSU
2 Georgia PSU OU FSU ND Michigan
3 UCLA VT Nebraska Louisville Oregon UNC
4 Wiscy Miami A&M Sparty Vols Stanford
5 U Dub Auburn Arizona WVU Syracuse Arky
6 Duke Kansas Cal Maryland Kentucky Iowa
7 Clemson Illinois Uconn Missouri Pittsburgh

I will add some more analysis/complaining about two Big 12 north schools being selected in front of the Pokes in a bit.  For now, bask in the feeling of knowing that Oklahoma State is still a big time underdog when it comes to the national perception of program strength.  Someone get another 500 mil out of Boone please.

Some more interesting numbers:

  • 41 programs have been selected thus far, but the #12 (South Carolina), #21 (Ok-State), #22 (Minnesota), #26 (ASU), #30 (Ole Miss), #32 (Colorado), and #33 (Texas Tech) highest revenue generating programs are still available. I would classify these programs as having poor images. These are programs that bring in as much or more money than those already selected, but are perceived as being lesser.
  • Oklahoma State is the highest combined finisher in the Directors Cup standings to not be selected yet. #6 in Fall, #33 in Winter, #32 in Spring.
  • Oklahoma State is the only school in the top 10 of total national championships (#4) that has yet to be selected.

We have an image problem.