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Oklahoma State Selected in SB Nation Conference Re-Draft

I guess my last "conference re-draft"/"bitch about OSU not being selected" post was a day too early as the very next pick was your very own Oklahoma State Cowboys.  We will appropriately be joining the Cult of Les Miles along with LSU, Michigan, UNC, Stanford, Arkansas, Iowa, and then South Carolina was selected on the turnaround after OSU (although, if I were a South Carolina fan I would report this as them being the 7th round pick, and OSU being the first pick of the 8th).  Here is the big board as of now:

1 Texas Florida Bama Ohio State USC LSU
2 Georgia PSU OU FSU ND Michigan
3 UCLA VT Nebraska Louisville Oregon UNC
4 Wiscy Miami A&M Sparty Vols Stanford
5 U Dub Auburn Arizona WVU Syracuse Arky
6 Duke Kansas Cal Maryland Kentucky Iowa
7 Clemson Illinois Uconn Missouri Pittsburgh Oklahoma State
8           South Carolina

So according to the SB Nation blogging public, Oklahoma State is the 42nd most desirable program/school out there.  Sure this isn't a true measure as many conferences looked to round out their lineups with programs that are probably not overall as highly thought of as Oklahoma State, but worked to add variety or a specialty to that specific conference. For example, conferences may have skipped over an overall better program to get a basketball school (Duke, Kansas), an academic school (Cal), or a horrible school (Clemson, Pitt).  But overall, this is probably about as good of a measure as one can get on a subject as abstract as "How valued is Oklahoma State?"

What does everyone think?  Was Oklahoma State taken too early? Too late? At about the right time? 

What about how the COLM conference as a whole is shaping up? Top 2 wrestling programs, some excellent baseball, overall nice basketball programs, and after LSU and Michigan, a good selection of middle tier football programs that are always on the cusp of becoming legit contenders.