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Let's Get Pasted: Vitriol Edition


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.

A break from the usual, semi-weekly, Oklahoma State, Big 12, and SB Nation links to bring you the last few days of pissiness.  We are in the time of year known as "the middle of the summer, nothing to write about, report on, writers block, 300 crapping degrees outside", and the bloggers are getting testy.  Since I noticed this general trend of fussiness in my google feed, I figured I would drop the standard LGP format, and break down a few of the venomous links of the past few days.

The "Is Recruitocosm/Barking Carnival Racist" Debate
For those that are unaware of the Will Lyles situation around Texas, here is a good intro to some of his alleged mis-dealings from BON. On Friday, Recruitocosm posted a satirical piece portraying Lyles as a less than smart dude who doesn't speak all that clearly, uses moderately outdated slang terms, is a Cash4Gold customer, and tries to order the McRib when it isn't McRib season. Fake quotes like this are abundant in the piece:

"That Ronald McDonald House is like an octopus, man," asserted Lyles, clearly unfamiliar with the Ronald McDonald House, a charity associated with the popular fast food restaurant. "They got those testicles everywhere," he continued, also clearly unfamiliar with cephalopod anatomy.

Now, what is seen by some as a mocking article, when read in a certain context, and especially when words like "gold teeth" and "rib" are used, was taken by others as having a racist tone. There was some pretty high level backlash, most notably by Bomani Jones who took to his radio and sirus show to denounce the article.  Shortly after this, Barking Carnival put together a defense of the original post and called out Bomani and others for being hammers that only see nails. Then fellow SB Nation blog blackheartgoldpants titled a scathing post " And WIth This, Barking Carnival Is Off Our RSS Feed, and proceeded to chide recruitocosm's original piece, and the BC defense piece.

Now, I'm not judging as to who I think is right or the wrong here, I just enjoyed reading the carnage that converged between all these sites and radio shows, and I figured y'all might as well.

Nebraska Is Relishing Any Perceived or Potential Negatives in the Big 12
An article from Corn Nation about the Longhorn Network picking up 2 conference games, and how it is an indication that Nebraska fans were right all along, and Texas is going to destroy the Big 12, then the world, then impregnate all our daughters. In my opinion, I think most feel that it is all fine and good that Nebraska left the conference for a better situation for themselves.  I don't think many of us here begrudge them though we may insult them as much as possible because... well, they are so damn sensitive about everything that they are just asking for it. In the piece, Husker Mike makes this statement:

It finally struck me earlier this week. It's not so much revisionist thinking, but rather a mild form of Stockholm Syndrome. When people are held captive, they become dependent on their captors and tend to develop positive emotions towards them. In the case of Texas, the other schools are grateful that Texas chose to remain... and thus, the Big XII is happily continuing their existence under Austin's control. Oklahoma wasn't willing to escape Texas. Texas Tech wasn't.  Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor, and Iowa State can't.  Deep down, Missouri wishes they could, though they now know better.

I assume Oklahoma State was overlooked in this paragraph (sad face), but that is kinda what I wanted to address.  If anyone knows what sour grapes, and taking more joy in your rivals demise than your own accomplishments feels like, it is Oklahoma State fans.  For decades we were the ones having long stretches of little to no success on the football field while having to watch our in-state rival accumulate conference and national championships, so we projected our disappointment onto OU and looked for any sign that their empire was potentially crumbling... and if there weren't any obvious signs, we invented them. It took some time but we are mostly over this now (although there is the occasional relapse and need for rehab), and we are much better fans and a much more positive overall fanbase for it.

I think most of this comes from this being new territory for Nebraska.  Nebraska has never had a real rival, a team they really hate. Sure there have been half-ass rivalries (CU, KSU), and a mutual respect rivalry (OU), but never another school that they just despised. And now that they finally do, it seems they have settled on the sour grapes role instead of just basking in their own successes (of which they have plenty).

I wish you well in the Big 10 Nebraska, it was obviously the better move for your program.... but if you really want to be seen as running toward greener pastures, and not away from a schoolyard bully, then you guys are going to have to quit looking back over your shoulder for reassurance that your old friends are more miserable with your bully than you are in your current situation. Be a man, know you made the right decision, wish everyone a fond farewell and a courtesy "good luck", grab your Pelini testicles, and march north with your head held high.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend of vitriol!