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Open Thread: More Conference Realignment Discussion OR Awful Pictures of Big 12 Fans

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Are we all still excitedly discussing conference realignment stuff? Sure there are some interesting developments amid rumors of A&M rallying teams of lawyers to seriously discuss an SEC scenario.  And I'm sure if you head to any A&M site on the internet there are countless stories detailing set in stone facts that A&M is leaving... just don't expect any links confirming these "facts".  So if you want to discuss these things today, this is your place.  However, if you are tired of all this posturing, the rumors, the threats, and the Aggie circle-J, and would rather post unflattering pictures of fans of other Big 12 schools, that would be an acceptable alternative in this thread.

Your choice Cowboy fans, Conference Realignment, or fat OU fans (which is what i assume 60% of the pics will be).