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2011 Oklahoma State Preseason Expectations; or, Will OSU Football Finally Have Nice Things?

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OSU football was long considered a program that couldn’t win championships. The Cowboys had successful years since first taking the football field in 1901, but any ‘salad years’ (‘44, ‘45, ‘76, ‘84, ‘87, ‘88, ’97) would be followed by long periods of obscurity and frustration induced alcoholism in Stillwater, U.S.A. OSU had some moments, some games, some players and HC Jimmy Johnson (J.J.’s name remains as the punchline of the best, well thought out most flaccid penis joke you’ll hear today) to hang our hats on, but mostly OSU just had suck.

Losing to Tulsa every other year sucked. Having to travel to Little Rock for a yearly beating at the hands of Arkansas sucked. Not winning a single, solitary game in 1991‘s probational purgatory sucked. Let’s not get into ‘Bedlam’.

Suck wasn’t much fun. The drinking was fun, though.

The Cowboy football team in 2011 is a long way removed from the suck. The 2010 Cowboy football squad was arguably the most successful O-State team in history, winning 11 games and tying for the Big 12 south division title. The Cowboys lost two games to Nebraska and OU in 2010, which OSU is apt to do even in the greenest of ‘salad years’, but the 2010 Cowboys eliminated significant monkeys from its back(winning at Lubbock, Austin) and showed that it could reload the hollow points of ZROB and Dez Bryant with the silver bullets of Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon.

What do fans expect this year from the Cowboys? State fans expect a continuation of greatness. Fans expect improvement on greatness. As was mentioned in the CRFF podcast, anytime a team is a preseason top ten, the BCS title game is not out of the realm of possibility. The lesser, but still awesome feat of being invited to the Fiesta Bowl would also signal that our program is headed in the right direction. 10 wins or less, and we may get another consolation bowl against an ‘also ran’ that will prove nothing and send Weeden2Blackmon at season’s end undistinguished into the dustbin of OSU history.

After the jump are the 6 outcomes that the 2011 Cowboys could find themselves within at the end of the season, the predicted percentages of occurrence, and the accompanying record range OSU would fall under.

The Reach:

OSU beats every non-con and Big12 foe, gets a ranking of one or two going into bowl season and beats Alabama, Oregon, or Stanford (just spitballin’ here) to win their first national title. Merely appearing in the 2011 season’s title game would be considered by the Cowboy fanbase as an overwhelming victory and the culmination of the best OSU football season ever.

Percentage of this happening based on gut instinct: 8%
Potential Record Range: 13-0, 12-1

The Success:

OSU beats every non-con and every Big 12 foe including or excepting OU; or beats OU but loses one other conference games and gets to a program-first BCS bowl game. Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl would be an appropriate sendoff to a team filled with talent and dedication to excellence. A close loss to another similarly ranked team in a BCS bowl would also largely be considered a success. An ass kicking in a BCS, while difficult to watch, would also technically even be a success as well.

Percentage of this happening based on gut instinct: 42%
Potential Record Range: 13-0, 12-1, 11-2, 10-3

The Stasis:

OSU loses 2 conference games, gets to a less-than-BCS bowl, and wins.

Percentage of this happening based on gut instinct: 25%
Potential Record Range: 11-2

The Failure:

OSU loses 2 conference games and and then goes to a less-than-BCS bowl and loses. OSU loses 3 or more regular season games, goes to a less-than-BCS bowl.

Percentage of this happening based on gut instinct: 17%
Potential Record Range: 10-3, 9-4

The Abject Failure:

OSU loses 4 or more regular season games. A bowl win would be inconsequential to the perception of outcome.

Percentage of this happening based on gut instinct: 7.999%
Potential Record Range: 9-4, 8-5, 7-6, 6-7

Texas, 2010:

OSU performs every game in 2011 like they are apart of a couldn’t-care-less girl’s junior high field hockey team and stays at home for bowl season, but gets national television network deal anyway.

Percentage of this happening based on gut instinct: .001%
Potential Record Range: 5-7 or lower.

So Cowboy fans, trolls, and those looking for Big12 coed upskirt pics, which will it be? Respond to the poll below:

Also: What do you call two instances of male genitalia on the sideline of a football field? Jimmy Johnson.