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Conference Realignment 2011 goes Aggie

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Everyone knows that the word "Aggie" is interchangeable with "insane" right?

In spite of my belief that it would never happen, apparently the board of regents at Texas A&M feels about the same way as 99% of their fanbase, and believes it would be in the best interest of their athletic program and institution to move to the SEC. Maybe this is correct, maybe not (more on this later in the week), but it seems to be happening.

As expected, additional rumors are swirling everywhere (as they have been for a month now).  The latest being that Mizzou, Clemson, and Florida State would join the Aggies in the SEC and form the first super-conference that everyone has been clamoring for (for reasons no one can really explain). If this, or something like it does happen, odds are the super-conference race commences and Oklahoma State most likely ends up in the PAC, however the chances of SEC, Big East, or a very different Big 12 still exist depending on how everything shakes out.

Odds are Oklahoma State will function as OU's trailer and follow them wherever they go as a part of a package deal, however, RedHawk from over at Crimson and Cream Machine puts together a historical explanation of why this package deal isn't necessarily set in stone. I'm not sure if the fact that the two schools were in difference conferences in 1950 matters today or not, but the breakdown of the Oklahoma State Constitution, and regent groups is very relevant.

This is the status of all relevant rumors as of 8/13 at 3:30, by 6:00 I fully expect all rumors to change, confusion to ensue, and out of the mess somehow Tech ends up in the MEAC.