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The Week that Was | CRFF Weekly Roundup


Welcome to the CRFF Weekly Roundup. This is a feature that runs every Friday afternoon and serves as your recap of the weeks developments in all matters Oklahoma State, CRFF, and the newest Twilight movie.

CRFF Comment(s) of the Week
A shout out to the best comment(s) of the week.  There are two categories, most rec's (self explanatory), and editor's choice (we pick our favorite). A lot more Rec'ing happening this it. On to this weeks COW:


From the post: Conference Realignment 2011 goes Aggie
I think tatum's luggage pretty well summed up everyone's feelings about the whole mess right now. I think we are all tired of board meetings being more hyped than the upcoming season. Also, using the words "sheep humper" had to be good for a couple of those recs. Also, tatum's luggage had another comment this week that had 4 recs.  tatum's luggage is on fire. Congrats on your 3rd COW.


From the post: 2011 Oklahoma State Football: Game Pods and Predictions
This was a tough week for the editors.  A ton of outstanding comments throughout the week by all.  But in the end, the fire behind htownpoke's comment, and the ball-tingling created by the last sentence pushed him over the top. Congrats htownpoke, you take the COW this week.

After the jump, a relatively light news week is highlighted by the A&M mess, Gundy being sued, and the release of the SI College Football Preview cover.

The week that A&M was humbled, then not humbled, then went as Aggie as ever
On Saturday morning everything seemed to be set up for an Aggie departure from the Big 12, then the SEC came out and said they would not extend Aggie an invite at this time, then the news was spun to be good news for A&M as it just meant that the SEC didn't want to be sued by the Big 12 for tortious interference (which is a thing) so the denial of an invite was just a step in a process that will be a little longer than previously anticipated. Whatever, let us know when this all gets sorted out.


Coach Gundy may have fired a guy for wearing an OU shirt
I'm sure most of us saw this from last weekend, but apparently Coach Mike is being sued for $30k by a contractor that he allegedly fired for wearing an OU shirt.  Regardless of if this statement is true or not, the Rant #2 is still solid as hell:

According to the lawsuit, Gundy approached Loveland and said, ‘How dare you come into my house and offend my wife."

When Loveland asked what he was talking about, Gundy responded "That (expletive) shirt you have on."

The lawsuit goes on to say Gundy told Loveland "what a lowlife he was, and telling him to ‘pack his (expletive)' and get off his property."

Loveland claims he offered to turn the shirt inside out and apologize to the Gundys, but Mike Gundy replied by calling him a "stupid idiot" for wearing the OU shirt on "OSU soil."

Two more open scholarships
Leron Furr is leaving the football team, citing chronic knee pain, but will continue to attend Oklahoma State on a medical scholarship.  Furr was considered to be in the hunt for some playing time at weak-side linebacker before his injury slowed him down.
FB Montra Nelson has been dismissed from the team for undisclosed reasons.

SI College Football Preview Issue Released

And thank the Pickens above... Oklahoma State was not featured on the regional cover. Our friends the Oklahoma Sooners and their vulva-stached QB were chosen to grace the cover, and on cue... 2 days later Ronnell Lewis is not practicing with the team. Curse is in effect.