Ames or BUST

I just dropped the following on and I thought I'd ask my fellow pokes the same stuff:


In my effort to (eventually) visit every Big 12 campus I have decided it's time to venture North to lovely Ames in November.  First off, how cold is it really going to be?  Am I going to need to dress head to toe in North Face gear?  Anyway weather aside i'm excited to visit Iowa State and watch some football that Friday evening but I'm curious about what I should do with my Saturday?  I'm traveling with my wife and another couple, and while the ladies will be good sports and go to the game they will also require some non football related activities to make the trip nagging free more enjoyable for them.  I would really appreciate any suggestions you can provide in the comments.  I'd love to hear about: best bars on/near campus to get some cold beer pregame, best restaurants in/around Ames, places to avoid, ANY touristy type of stuff near Des Moines/Ames that women might find interesting, etc.  Any kind of "worlds largest _______", scenic view, historic ______ sort of thing will help a lot.


So, any of you been to Ames and have travel tips?  Anyone else planning on going up there Nov 18th?