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Is Oklahoma State ready for a "Once in a Century" type season?

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It’s been said that the earthquake that shook much of the east coast on Tuesday was something extremely rare. Many have said that it  was something that only "happens once a century" 

That got me thinking.  What else could happen just once in a century? Are the stars aligning for Oklahoma State Football?

Click the jump for a few things that come to mind.

Jesus Returns to Earth (For Just a Minute)

I"m not talking about the rapture or anything, just a quick check in to say hello. I know, I know. It's been several centurys or lifetimes.....But if there was ever a "once in a lifetime" kind of deal - this would take the cake.

You become "The Man" for a finite period of time

Another rare event that does in fact happen. You can't make a beer run without picking up some strange. You can't go out for anything without dragging some tail home. For some, it's an entire college career. Some post college. Some for one night only. For Samuel Bryant, it's daily. Lucky bastard.

OU Fans develop the ability to name the starting lineup of their basketball team

OK, yeah. I know this is really fucking out there but it COULD happen... No? Yeah, you're probably right.

Texas A&M EVER finishes Over .500 in the SEC

Talk about once in a century. It's going to take Texas A&M more than 100 years to explain all of the weird shit they do (Class Rings as adults, Chants, Cheers, Fake Army Men, Etc..) let alone win the majority of their games.


Oklahoma State wins a National Title in Football

You knew this is where I was going right???

I'll be the first to admit that it's a long shot. Texas is down and Nebraska is gone. But when have both of those things ever happened in the same season? Seemingly, you've got your toughest game at home, for the second straight year. When has that ever happened? We got through 2 a days with no injuries. Nothing! When has that ever happened?   It's a once in a century type thing for sure, but so is an earthquake on the east coast.