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CRFF SBNation BlogPoll Week 1 Ballot

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Everyone remember the BlogPoll?  No? Well here is the link with description and pretty pictures and stuff that will serve as your BlogPoll refresher.

Last season, we implemented a variation of a resume system where our ballot was based exclusively on two factors;

  1. Overall Record
  2. SOS

... and they were applied in that order.  The way this worked was that any team from a BCS-AQ conference was ranked strictly by record, with the groups of teams with the same record being ranked according to SOS.  The theory behind this being that if any BCS-AQ conference team goes undefeated, they will play for the NC over a 1-loss BCS team, no matter the strength of schedule.  The wildcard factor are the non-AQ conference teams like Boise who are just placed into the poll with the BCS-AQ teams wherever we see fit. We were planning on using the same method this season, unless someone has a better idea.

Of course, none of this applies to the pre-season poll which is just a bunch of speculation. With that said/typed, here is our pre-season poll. Feel free to name call in the comments.