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Oklahoma State vs. Louisiana: 5 Things to Watch

Monken's Playcalling

Will the offense fire on all cylinders and score on every possession leading up to halftime? That is what I'm expecting but we'll have to watch it play out.  In addition to the overall "flow" of the offense, What will the Run/Pass ratio be? What will the rushing philosophy be?  How many TD's will the W2B combo have at halftime? Who stands out on offense? What is the pace?

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The Defense

Oklahoma State lost to Louisiana in the first half of last year's contest 21-17 due to a complete breakdown by the defense in the second quarter of the game.  UL quarterback Chris Masson finished the game 33-of-55 for a career-high 308 yards but completed just 9 of 17 passes for 83 yards in the second half. Simply put, after a lousy second quarter the defense took control. I will look for them to pick up where they left off, and I'm honestly hoping for a shutout. More than anything, I'll be looking for some hard hits from Markelle Martin and will be watching how much we can pressure the quarterback.

#89 Ladarius Green

The UL senior led all tight ends nationally in 2010 with 79.4 yards per game and an amazing 18 yards per catch. Mel Kiper has him as a top 5 NFL tight end and he joins Justin Blackmon on the 2011 Biletnikoff Watch List. It will be interesting to see how we handle this dude. Should be fun to watch. Hopefully not too much fun for the Cajun's.

#5 Josh Stewart

Much has been said about the freshman's ability but what I Iove most about him is that he was a long time Texas A&M Recruit that made a late switch to the Cowboys. Great decision kid. I've heard people say he doesn't drop a thing. Can't wait to see that type of ability in prime time.


It's been too long. Can't wait to see a beautifully thrown spiral fly through the air into the hands of the best receiver in the nation. I'm also looking forward to the JB hand motions (what do we call those?) and the insanity that will follow at BPS. It's gonna be fun*.

*Provided I am sober enough to enter BPS, If not I'll be the wobbly guy watching at Joe's.