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The Week that Was | CRFF Weekly Roundup


Welcome to the CRFF Weekly Roundup. This is a feature that will run every Friday afternoon and will serve as your recap of the weeks developments in all matters Oklahoma State, CRFF, and the newest Twilight movie.

CRFF Comment(s) of the Week
A shout out to the best comment(s) of the week.  There are two categories, most rec's (self explanatory), and editor's choice (we pick our favorite). There was a little more rec'ing this week, but let's start really rec'ing the hell out of the good ones so this contest becomes a more exciting race. On to this weeks winners:

Comment_of_the_week_most_recs_medium 8-5-2011_tatum_medium

From the post: OSU Cowboy Caravan Tulsa Notes
I could not agree more with Mr. Luggage (although, isn't it really Rudi Johnson's luggage? a debate for the ages).  When you have an opportunity to ask about this, you ask about it.  Bad Royal, bad. (confession: I made the same mistake at the OKC Caravan:(



From the post: In Defense of "Phantom Pete"
Two weeks into the Comment of the Week contest (now abbreviated as "COW"), and Upgrayedd has already taken home 2 trophies. Good work man.  It was a tough call this week, but in the end I am a HUGE sucker for Chris Gaines comments.  It is like the equation: Giving her a massage = getting laid tonight, Chris Gaines comment = COW.

After the Jump. The last of the Longhorn Network news (hopefully), bball scheduling, some recruiting suspense, and more proof that all things SEC are awful.

Bball Conference Schedule Released
The Big 12 basketball schedule was released on Thursday and oh my, the round robin format is a bit scary.  Time to prove yourself worthy of a 2012 first round pick LeBryan (spoiler: he will).

Cowboy Caravan in Tulsa and OKC.
The Cowboy Caravan was this week in OKC and Tulsa.  CRFF members were at each event, but the only recap we got was out of Royal for the Tulsa one (they were pretty similar anyway).  Takeaways: Coach Ford is a good dude, Gundy was possibly drunk at the OKC event, and Weeden and Blackman are the nicest guys in sports history.

Longhorn Network Will Not Show any High School Games This Season
On Monday it was finally revealed that the Longhorn Network will not show any High School games this year.  Pheww.  Now Aggie fan is just sitting back and smiling since all their demands are being met.  Wait.  I just received word that Aggie fan is still bitching about everything Big 12 and UT and keeps using the phase "SECceeding".  There is just no pleasing the ags anymore.

Recruiting News
The Pokes picked up a 2012 OL commit from the JUCO ranks.  Donald Hawkins is a 6'5", 320 pounder who will have 2 years of eligibility in Stillwater, but really what matters about him is that he announced via facebook, and changed his profile pic to this:



On Monday, Bill Haisten tweeted that OSU football should have a significant recruit committed by the end of the week.  It hasn't happened yet, but after all the buzz from Sunday 's Pre-Fall camp about Chesterfield, MO WR Brandon Shepard, and that it is rumored that 4 star safety LaDarrell McNeil is about to make a decision, I have to assume it is one of those two.  Of course, there are plenty of other possibilities out there, and there is always the possibility that it is the son of the greatest college running back of all-time. Could it be that Nathan Simmons Jr Barry Sanders Jr. has made a decision and decided to come to Stilly?  Super-ridiculous-longshot at best at this point, but that is the only recruit that has OSU on their radar whose commitment would be considered "significant" at a national level.  Any of the 3 would be significant at a regional level.

And for the hell of it (since I am wildly guessing the recruit being referred to is one of these 2), how about some highlight packages.

McNeil highlights:

Shepard highlights:

An ambitious undertaking by King in the form of a 4 part series that will walk a visitor to Stillwater through their entire trip to take in a game.  From where to stay, where to get gas, which tailgates to hit, where to get tickets, and everything in-between, King is hitting it all.  Check it out.

Practices Started Today!
We are getting there everyone.  Pics are up of the first session on Just clicking through the pics there, anyone that has been hearing that Sims showed up to Stillwater a little on the doughy side needs to look at pic #83 and #87. Dude is rocked out and looks like he has about a 29 inch waist.
Reports are that everyone has shown up, that special teams has been a huge focus through the morning, and that it is hot as hell.

Coaches Poll Released
On Thursday the USA Today Coaches Poll was released and Oklahoma State took the #8 spot, right in front of Texas A&M. After the polls release, SB Nation SEC blog TeamSpeedKills released their list of the Top 10 teams most likely to finish the year unranked and confirmed what we have always known... everything about the SEC, and everyone who writes for blogs about the SEC, is terrible and can make angels vomit blood. Why does everything and everyone associated with the SEC have to be the worst things to ever bless the Earth? I currently have CRFF scientists looking into an evolutionary event from about 80 years ago where the human race as a whole continued on as normal, while those in SEC country evolved an anus where their face was and an even more disease ridden anus where there original anus was. It is a longshot theory, but it is all I can come up with to explain those awful... just awful... anus-faced and anus-anused people.