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Know Thine Enemy: UL-La, or LA.-LA, or Somethin'...

Name: University of Louisiana at Lafayette

When the Oklahoma State Cowboys take Lewis Field at the Boone Saturday evenin' they will be playing the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns.  However, when OSU first began playing the Ragin' Cajuns in 1986, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette was known by the less distinct moniker of the "University of Southwestern Louisiana".  USL, as it was known, changed the name to "The University of Louisiana" for 5 days in 1984 until a court decision said "oh no, you did-dint!" and made them change back.  1999 was the year the school got its name change, compromisin' by addin' the diminutive "at Lafayette" that allows many a regent to sleep through the night soundly in Baton Rouge.

Football Pedigree:

Low. Joinin' Div-1a (FBS to the kiddies) in 1978, NFL Pro Jake Delholmme gave UL-La two Big West titles and giged Texas A&M in a 29-22 victory over the 25th ranked Aggies in 1996.  That's about it.

Series Record: 7-0 Cowboys

The first meeting with the Cajuns was the closest, a 21-20 victory at Lafayette in 1986.  Thurman must have had an off-day.  The next year, 1987, the Thurman-Sanders OSU squad managed to shut-out UL-La in Stillwater 36-0.  In the 90's OSU beat UL-La by a combined score of 99-34 in three games, and Les Miles handled the Cajuns 56-3 in 2003.  Last year's Cajuns managed to score more points on OSU than have ever been allowed, 28, and the Cajuns were winnin' by halftime as you may remember.  The Cowboys had just come off 2010's dramatic win vs. A&M, and managed to beat UL-La 54-28.

(Jump for information, laughs; Yachoff Guar-raun-tee!)

Famous Alum:


Joe Deforrest, OSU Associate Head Coach/Special Teams Coor, graduated from UL-La in 1987, and played for the Cajuns as a Linebacker and also as a pitcher on the Cajun Baseball team.  There was talk late last year of Deforest fillin' the HC vacancy at his Alma Mater before Mark Hudspeth was hired.



Richard Simmons, noted aerobics guru, studied to do...whatever it is that he UL-La before transferrin' to Florida State.  Due to lack of recognizable alumni, UL-La seems eager to claim Simmons as their own.  Good for them.


The history of the Ragin' Cajun mascot is just as complex as its university title.  The University of Southwestern Louisiana was known as the Bulldogs, before switchin' to the Ragin' Cajuns around 1960.  Mr. Cajun was introduced, followed by this throwback to 80's excess, The Fabulous Cajun Chicken:



As the Fabulous Cajun Chicken was prone to coke binges and crashin' into telephone poles any and all Trans-Am's provided to him by the UL-La athletic dept., he was scrapped in favor of maybe the most imaginative mascot in college football: Cayenne, the chili pepper:



Sorry, but not very intimidating.  Pistol Pete has been known to eat a chili pepper or two in his day, is all Yachoff is sayin'. 

Prediction: Cayenne tries to eat self, gets heartburn. Pokes win big Saturday.  50-24