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Cowboys Can Move All-Time Record to .500 with Win Over Tulsa This Weekend, Poised to Pass Kansas

College Football records have been kept by a ton of different sources over the years, and you can find completely different All-Time Records for any team depending on which sites and resources you find, but the most consistently reported all-time record for Oklahoma State's Football Program is 521-522-47 (although there are a lot of sources that list the ties at 48).  Going with this all-time mark, the Cowboys can draw to even this weekend at Kinne field (or whatever that boo-factory with free parking is called). While this is sorta interesting on its own, I wanted to take it a little further and see where that record ranks among the rest of the conference, and what needs to be done to move up the list. 

Here are the all-time records for each team in the Big 12, ranked by winning % (take note of the Games Back/Ahead column):

Rank Team Wins Losses Ties Win% GB/A
1 Oklahoma 809 307 53 0.7249 251.5
2 Texas 850 328 34 0.7216 250.5
3 Texas A&M 675 444 48 0.6032 116
4 Texas Tech 519 398 32 0.5660 61
5 Missouri 623 517 53 0.5465 53.5
6 Kansas 572 561 58 0.5048 6
7 Oklahoma State 521 522 47 0.4995 -
8 Baylor 532 537 43 0.4977 -2
9 Iowa State 492 590 46 0.4547 -48.5
10 Kansas State 465 610 41 0.4326 -72

The Games Behind/Ahead represents how far behind or ahead of Oklahoma State the representative team is.  The GB works just like baseball so the number represents how many games of advancement Oklahoma State would have to move in order to pass that team in all-time win %. For example, they need to move 61 games to pass Tech, if OSU and Tech both win a game, then there is no movement, if OSU wins and Tech loses, that is a one game move and the number would now stand at -60.

First off, congrats to the Pokes on passing Baylor last season.  I don't know why we didn't honor that with a parade, or a revamped Garth song dedicated to it (a la Elton John and Candle in the Wind), or something.

The next thing to note is that Kansas is totally in striking distance this season.  Assuming Kansas loses the rest of their games this year (not a huge stretch), the Cowboys would pass the Jayhawks with their 8th win of the season (whenever that comes).

And the third thing to note is that we should all be thanking whichever Sutton it is that you personally pray to that we get to experience this Cowboy team right now. Look at that pitiful all-time record. Just look at it.  Are you looking at it? Not even .500 all time! Think about what an utter disappointment a 7-5 season would be this year.  It is unthinkable right?  Up would be down, left would be right, Theta Pond water would be drinkable... now understand that a 7-5 record would improve the programs all-time record.

This is a blessed time to wear the orange/black/white/gray to the Boone.... cherish every game, every win, every TD, every grillaroni generic bratwurst, and let's put Kansas on notice.... come late-October/early November, you tell 'em the Pokes are comin... and mediocre all-time records are comin with me, you hear?. MEDIOCRE ALL-TIME RECORDS ARE COMIN WITH ME!