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Oklahoma State vs. Tulsa: 5 Things

You know what they say...The only thing that comes from Texas is Steers and G.J. Kinne.
You know what they say...The only thing that comes from Texas is Steers and G.J. Kinne.

The Upset

The last time TU beat Oklahoma State, Bob Simmons was the coach, Chris Chaloupka was the quarterback and Google was a little known company running out of someones garage. We've owned them the last 3 times but the line is a suspicious 13 and this is their super bowl. The last time Tulsa played a team this highly ranked at H.A. Chapman Stadium they came up short against #5 Boise State 28-21. It's highly unlikely, but they do own the series in Tulsa. 

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G.J. Kinne

Kinne is an experienced QB that can move around and make plays. He'll likely get a chance at the next level. He started his college days at Texas and would likely be their starting QB today if he would have stayed. He tends to get better as the game goes on, so it's gonna be important to pressure him early. If he throws a couple of early scores and builds confidence, it could be a hard night for..

The Cowboy D

I am encouraged by the progress we've made over the first 2 games but I'm looking for more. How about road shutout boys? We pressured Foles well and held a high powered Arizona offense to just 14 points but gave up 2 bombs that we really shouldn't have. Looking forward to seeing the adjustments we make in the secondary at corner. What I don't want to see is us getting burned playing some soft zone BS and let Kinne build confidence. 

Margin of Victory

Do we care about beating TU by more points that OU did? I do. I've talked with King about this and we want to be the team everyone is talking about Monday morning because of the heartless stomp we give them. I'm talking The Today Show "How Could They Do This??" shit here...If we stomp the shit out of them 65-10 that would really say something about our teams toughness.  Same goes for a close 31-28 type game. Don't let me down boys. 

The Color War

What will the number of fans in Blue vs. Orange be? Can all 600 of Tulsa's fans roll out for this? Can the old folks stay awake long enough? If they can, will they venture out of the house at night? Probably not.  Tulsa tried their best to keep OSU fans away with a steep ticket price. Will it work? I've got my orange and a few boxes of Pocket Shots ready to go so suck it TU fans! We're coming to whip your ass and the only goal here is to have Matt Lauer talking about us on Monday morning. Deal with it!