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The Week That Was | CRFF Weekly Roundup


Welcome to the CRFF Weekly Roundup. This is a feature that runs every Friday afternoon and serves as your recap of the weeks developments in all matters Oklahoma State, CRFF, and the newest Twilight movie.

At this point, shouldn't I just stop pretending that I will actually report news in here and just rename it to COW?

CRFF Comment(s) of the Week
A shout out to the best comment(s) of the week.  There are two categories, most rec's (self explanatory), and editor's choice (we pick our favorite) 


From the post: Let's Humiliate Tulsa: A Case For Running Up the Score
Back-to-back most recs awards for Mr. grayedd. Congrats. Incidentally, Cincy and I were at that SMU game together and giggled like little girls for 3 hours as Rashaun put on his show.  I will never forget the jump ball in the corner of the endzone where Rashaun committed about 9 acts of offensive interference, blocked out the DB, and pretty much did a Fosbury flop to come down with the ball while landing flat on his back. I would have never imagined that almost a decade later he would be considered by many to be the 3rd best OSU WR of the past 10 years.

From the post: Poll: Who Wins the Oklahoma State/Tulsa Mullet War?
Like I wasn't going to award it to the comment with detailed mullet analysis?  Congrats IPO!