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Oklahoma State 59, Tulsa 33; Nothing Normal About This One

It started at 12:16am, ended at 3:35 am, and in-between a lot of good play was mixed with a lot of zombie-like sloppy play as the Pokes completed the victory in front of a small crowd and probably an even smaller TV audience. I'm not sure if you can take much from a game that was played at a time when the players and coaches would normally have been asleep, drunk, or asleep and drunk, but there were some areas of impressive play, and some areas of concern.

Eff Yeah's

  • 10 different Cowboys catching passes, which means that in every game this season the Cowboys have had at least 10 players catch a pass (10,11,10). This kind of spread is going to be impossible to defend, especially when balanced with...
  • Joseph Randle. Once again ran for 120-something yards which is as much impressive as it is odd.  His 3 games have resulted in rushing totals of 129, 121, and 128 yards. Bottom line, dude is a rock back there and can be depended on to provide a huge punch in the run game.


  • 2 more picks for the MDMBW. Weird stats for him so far this season.  He is completing passes at a ridiculous rate (72.5%), but is throwing ints at a more ridiculous rate (2 per game). I think he just hates seeing passes hit the turf.
  • 365 yards rushing for Tulsa.  I doubt anyone predicting anything close to that. Those stats became inflated by a couple of massive runs of 80 and 43 yards by that Douglass dude in the 2nd half when the game was no longer in doubt, but 365 yards is still 365 yards. Part of this was due to the change in approach by the Hurricane after Kinne went down.  They pounded the ball on the ground 59 times compared to only 26 pass attempts, and it was working, especially in the 2nd half. 

More actual analysis to come throughout the week, for now, leave your thoughts in the comments. Also, leave your stories about your game-watching experience as well. Were you at the stadium? At home? In bed? How did you make your go-to-bed versus stay-up decision?  We want to know.