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Oklahoma State Football in the Twilight Zone

A few thoughts and observations from the most bizarre game in the history of Oklahoma State Football. 

Did that game happen? I mean, I see the box score and all but is it real? 

Did State really give up 332 yards on 35 carries? 

Did Justin Blackmon's streak of consecutive 100 yard games really end?

Did I really pay $400 for tickets that were never even checked?

Overall, I think we can chalk this up to just a weird game. Not sure that we can really take anything from it other than the fact that if it ever happens again, you can go in and drink crown royal blatantly without a ticket. 

I suppose the other thing that was settled was the "Best QB in the state" comment that TU Coach Bill Blankenship made back in August. It's not even close Bill. 

I think it's really best if we can all just put this game behind us, be happy with the win, catch up on sleep and prepare for what could be the biggest game in the history of the program. Texas A&M is going to look like an NFL team compared to the Golden Hurricane. If our NFL team shows up, we could see an epic battle for a shot at the title.