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Tailgating is Serious Business (Guest Writer)

From time to time we are lucky enough to have a friend-of-CRFF put something together for us. This time it is Oklahoma State alum ('08, '10), tailgating afficionado, and author of the superb blog,, Brooke Clay.  Check out the blog, follow her on twitter, and welcome her to her CRFF guest experience with open.... um... arms.

For 280 days, I've been dreaming of orange fountains, Boone Pickens Stadium, and new uniforms.

I'll admit it, I drank the orange koolaid as a freshman- since then, my unwavering devotion to my alma mater has become quite the obsession.

Let's keep it real - I'm a fan because I love the Cowboys - not because I've memorized every play since Bob Fenimore became our first Football All American. If I start mumbling stats my street cred is going to fly out the window, so I'm not - you're welcome.

My profession is tailgating.

As an alum, this is official business. We're supposed to be those people who wear too much orange, cheer too loud and talk about how many times we've sharpied our name into the walls of the Copper Penny.

Tailgating is an art. If you're a floater, like me, you've perfected the timing of securing a table at Joes, winning a few games of flip-cup, and making it to your seats before Bullet charges the stadium nostrils flaring, eyes enraged.

This Saturday is like Christmas and my 21st birthday rolled into one - except better. Ralphie and his Red Ryder BB gun have nothing on the excitement running through my orange veins.
Get your game face on - this is serious business.