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Prediction Time! OSU vs. ULLa

Friends, lovers, illegitimate football has finally returned. And with that, CRFF returns one of our staple reoccurring traditions (no, not upskirts)--Gameday predictions! It feels like it has been far too long since we have last done this so let's go through the basics very quickly.

This is a comment friendly article (aren't they all?) in which I ask our drunken intelligent and faithful readers to make predictions on a number of issues and stats that will occur in this weekend's game against ULLa..Lala...lalalala. La. (la).

We're thinking about adding a twist this year. Perhaps something like the "Comment of the Week" where the most accurate predictions (or the most interesting/hilarious) are recognized by CRFF the following week. Let's be honest. You want your fake name to be up there. We're all attention whores.

Oh, and before we get started, a friend sent me a video of the best thing ULLLLLLaalalalalaaallla has to offer. And my goodness, I would definitely not turn it down. After you're done zipping up your pa watching the video (skip to the 2:10 mark for the best part), click that jump button to make your predictions!


1. Final Score?

2. Number of Weeden2Blackmon touchdowns?

3. Total sacks for OSU defense?

4. When will Weeden come out of the game?

5. What will the uniform combination be?

6. What will the attendance number be?

7. Where will I be sleeping tomorrow night?

8. How many limeys does it take to get Levy Adcock smashed?