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The Week That Was | CRFF Weekly Roundup


Welcome to the CRFF Weekly Roundup. This is a feature that runs every Friday afternoon and serves as your recap of the weeks developments in all matters Oklahoma State, CRFF, and the newest Twilight movie.

This week, this will only be comments of the week.  Been stuck in an airport all day, and didn't have time to put the whole week's news together (because you care about my life and my excuses).

CRFF Comment(s) of the Week
A shout out to the best comment(s) of the week.  There are two categories, most rec's (self explanatory), and editor's choice (we pick our favorite) 

Comment_of_the_week_most_recs_medium Washburn_comment_medium
From the fanpost: Ames or BUST
Stellar comment from the fanpost section. Somehow in the midst of everyone telling Something Witty that there is nothing to do in Ames, KWashburn snuck in this beauty. Congrats on the COW K Washburn, you earned it.


From the post: Know Thine Enemy: UL-La, or LA.-LA, or Somethin'...
Mascot porn references will always get you at least in the considering pile for COW, but RookOSU adding that they are only into mascot porn for the plot pushes this one over the top.  Congrats on the COW RookOSU.