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If a picture is worth 1000 words, here is today's submission.  Instead of writing an incendiary Texas A&M article on how the collie is the total pussy of the working dog class, Yachoff spent 3.5 hours making something that will sure to be kicked in on my front porch the next time Yachoff orders a pizza.  Behold, the Charles Manson OU Pumpkin. (sorry, the picture is not so good, jack-o-lantern photography is a whole art in to itself.)

Jack-o-lanterns are a great way to propagandize your home and draw the ire of your neighbors.  Please leave ideas for anti-OU pumpkins, or pro-OSU pumpkins that Yachoff can use this Halloween to piss off the parents of those stupid little kids who think their lame ass Sam Bradford jersey is a "costume".  Those children will most definitely be getting the razorblade taffy pennies in their trick or treat sacks.  If your carving idea is conceivable enough and totally awesome, maybe Yachoff will carve it.