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Prediction Time! Oklahoma State Versus Texas A&M

Alright, kids. This is the game that separates the men from the cheerleaders that pretend to be men. We've all had this game circled on the calendar since the summer. The first test to determine if OSU can run the table all the way until Bedlam.

Neither team has truly been tested up until this point. Although, I'm sure A&M fans will tell you that running up sack totals against Idaho is a damn fine sign of what's to come! Either way, this game carries Big 12 title implications. And in the last year of the Big 12 we need to--wait, what's that? It survived again?! Oh, screw you, Texas! Talk about realignment blue balls.

Anyway, congrats to Upgrayedd for the best predictions last week against Tulsa. Any time "drunkenly moving your hips in a circular direction" is used, it's likely to be a winner.

Now on to the predictions!

1. Final Score?

2. Total Passing Yards for Weeden?

3. Number of SEC shirts in the stands?

4. Number of times Matt Millen references anything from his trainwreck of a career in the NFL?

5. How will the Cadets mourn/celebrate after the game?

6. How many TDs for Blackmon?

7. What will be the most used excuse/justification by Aggie fans if A&M loses?

8. Number of sacks delivered by the OSU defense before A&M switches to yet another super, super secret weapon wide receiver turned quarterback that is even better than every other A&M QB in history?!