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Gundy Slaps Sherman, Sends Message To Recruits

In what was truly a game of two different halves, OSU emerged victorious over the Texas A&M Aggies for the fourth straight year. Deja vu came to mind as the match looked eerily similar to last year's contest in which OSU had to fight back from a double digit deficit to win the game. And just like last year, the OSU defense came up with huge turnovers in the second half that any A&M fan will tell you were "giftwrapped" by their quarterback.

But all of this has been touched on. What I think needs much more attention is what transpired after the contest. And to explain that, I feel like we have to speak first about the phenomenon that took place during the second half.

You see, when a group of women are around each other for a long period of time, their menstrual cycles become aligned. Such was the case in the last thirty minutes of last Saturday's game as multiple A&M players suddenly started experiencing severe cramps that came and went (much like a woman's) in the blink of an eye.

At one moment: "Argh! There is no way possible I can even stand up to get off the field! Does anyone have any cranberry juice?!"

The next moment: "Thanks for the Midol, coach. Put me back in the game!"

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Now, if there is one thing females know, it is how to take advantage of such phenomenons. Often females will fake cramps to get out of cooking, cleaning, giving snacks--you know, normal female duties. It is believed by many that A&M players also faked their cramps to take advantage of the situation (i.e. the defensive players needed a breather, the A&M coaches needed to substitute, or they just wanted to slow down a rolling OSU offense).

Mike Gundy took notice of this quickly and made it clear to the refs what he thought (and the rest of us knew) was going on.

The refs' response? "There's no way we can tell whether they are faking it or not."

Damn it! They're right! Just like with women. How in the hell can you actually tell?! You can't. So what can you do?

This is where Mike Gundy slapped Mike Sherman for the entire nation to see. After the game, one of the very first things he addressed was the A&M players cramping. His quote:

"I thought our team was in tremendous physical condition. I thought that we had a lot left in the fourth quarter. What this came down to was I thought our team was in better physical condition - by a long shot."

Oh snap! Talk about leaving a handprint on someone's face! Was Gundy going to outright say that Sherman was allowing his players to take dives? Of course not. But what he can do is play right into what they were selling. And that was that the A&M players were out of shape, gassed, and laying on the ground frequently while OSU was moving the ball on offense.

How many recruits heard that?

If you want to be trained and conditioned to perform at an elite level, come play for Oklahoma State. If you want to lay on the turf as offenses streamroll you, go to Texas A&M. 

Now, will some see this as Gundy taking a cheap shot at Sherman? Probably. But those are the same people that allow a dog to sleep in their bed as they sleep on the floor. As mentioned plenty of times before, just like the honey badger, Gundy doesn't give a shit. Nor should he. With the amount of negative recruiting that goes around (and yes, A&M, I am most certainly talking about you), Gundy has every right to make a statement like that...especially because it's true.

And if it isn't true then what's the alternative, Sherman? That your players were faking being in such poor condition?

What, no comment?

Yeah, that's right. Keep your mouth shut, your head down, and put some baby powder on that cheek to soften the burn. 

 Gundy just made you his bitch...for the fourth time in a row.