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Big 12 Stadium Food Ideas

I've been obsessing over the absence of the Grillaroni at BPS this year and it got me thinking about the different types of food that is served at Big 12 Stadiums.  I’m not certain about what is actually served, but I have some recommendations based on the school's reputation and fans. 

Oklahoma – Red Lobster

It’s easy to go to Red Lobster, just like it’s easy to be an OU fan. The food is good and it’s been around a long time. Heck, they’ve probably even won some awards. You can get Lobster at Red Lobster, but it’s still Lobster from Red Lobster. Kind of like how you can act like you’re something special in Norman, but you’re still in Norman.

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Missouri – Applebees

You could put an Applebee’s in any city and it would be decent and you could put Missouri in any conference and they would be decent. The reality though is that they both suck and no one cares.


Baylor – Chick-fil-A

Baptist school. Closed on Sunday.

Texas Tech – Logan’s Roadhouse

Ruth’s Chris and Texas Roadhouse are too expensive and the line is too long at the Outback. So where do you go? Logan’s Roadhouse! This is exactly the same process kids go through when they choose to go to school at Texas Tech.


Texas A&M – Texas Roadhouse



Same process as above except Aggie has the patience to stand in line, chant and go through the ritual bullshit. These are "soldiers" we’re talking about here! And, they serve peanuts at the table. Your average Aggie is fucking nuts. It’s a match made in aggie heaven.  


Texas - Ruth's Chris



You ever known anyone that's gone to Ruth's Chris and acted like they dined at some exclusive members only steakhouse? You ever known an alumni from the University of Texas?

Kansas State - Cracker Barrel

There’s not much else I can see fitting in at Bill Snyder Family Stadium other than some nice, warm country cookin. Old favorites like Meatloaf, Chicken N Dumplins and Roast Beef flood the menu. Oh, and they’ll have plenty of soft veggies for Snyder’s contemporaries.

Iowa State – Hardee’s

Hardee’s has been around a long time but fades in and out of obscurity so much that you never really know if it exists or not. . People outside of Ames feel the same way about Iowa State.Now someone get Steele Jantz a Thickburger right fucking now. 


Kansas – Burger King

 Burger King does one thing really, really well and the rest is just not very good. Sound familiar?