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Oklahoma State 61, Louisiana Lafayette 34 | Two Picks Away From a Perfect Game

The Cowboys racked up 458 passing yards and 208 rushing yards as Todd Monken proved that his offense can hang 60 on an opponent with only 3 quarters of starter play just as well as Dana Holgorsen's could.  But the high point of the game was the defense which only allowed 177 yards and 6 points through 3 quarters, before the backups surrendered 2 4th quarter touchdowns (and we will get to the other 2 ULL TD's). Granted, ULL is breaking in a new offense and doesn't have anything close to Big 12 talent, but all the facets of the defense were clicking from the pass rush to the LB's to the secondary which came up with 1 int, but was close to having 3 more.

More positives came in the form of incredible individual performances from Tracy Moore (7, 112, 1), Justin Blackmon (8, 144), Joseph Randle (22, 129, 2), Desmond Roland (8, 61), and Quinn Sharp (4/4 FGs, 7/7 XPs, 50 yard punt average).

As for negatives, look no further than the INT column as Brandon Weeden piled up 3 of them to go along with his 3 TDs, and 2 of the interception were returned for ULL scores. While it has to be assumed that the Poke offense didn't want to lift up their skirt for this game (gross analogy courtesy of Cincy Joe), Weeden rarely checked down or even looked at 2nd options, leading to a few beautifully threaded completions, and some under/over throws that resulted in picks. Outside of the 3 turnovers though, there really wasn't much negative to take out of this one.  An all around solid performance by all 3 units, and a huge confidence builder for the team and the fanbase.

More detailed breakdown, and Arizona previews coming on Monday. For now, leave your thoughts in the comments.