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CRFF College Pick'Em Week One Update

Well the first week of college football is over and the first week of the CRFF Pick'Em is behind us. A quick update reveals that the week one leader is Ugrayedd who went 19-7 and has a 21 point lead over second place Cowboyz. The leader board after the jump

Name Record Points
Ugrayedd 19-7 298
Cowboyz 21-5 277
pokiedokie 16-10 267
CincyJoe 17-9 267
jtesooner 17-9 265
W2B4H 16-10 260
osutopia 18-8 255
Skyydiver 18-8 254
dlcowboyfan 19-7 248
Witty Picks 18-8 243
ChivalricOutlaw 13-13 226
Samuel 15-11 206
mminshew 14-12 183
JDubOKC 15-11 176
Stillbizzle 18-8 0
i poop orange 0-26 0


Behind Ugrayedd there are 7 within 30 points of the top, so it's still anyone's game. Also, if you still want to join we are dropping one week, so this first one won't hurt you.

What did we learn after week one? Well, 37 points is a huge amount to cover (especially when your quarterback throws 2 pick 6's), TCU is not very good this year, and finally the PAC 12 just can't beat the SEC in big games. The picks for week two will be up sometime this afternoon, whenever Yahoo gets around to it.