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Prediction Time! Oklahoma State Versus Arizona

Who else needs actual football talk instead of hours upon hours of conference realignment rumors? Seriously, I'm not even intrigued by any of it any more. Just get it over with!

In the meantime, there is an actual season underway and our beloved Pokes host the Arizona Wildcats tonight! With this being a shortened week, you get to make your predictions on Gameday. And we've got some good ones for you too.

Before I go any further, I have to recognize last week's prediction winner, Something Witty for his brilliant picks. Were they the most accurate? I can't remember. But they ranked high on the hilarity scale and that's all that matters.

Who will be this week's winner? Click the jump and make your case!

Final Score?


Uniform combination?

How many times will the announcers reference this game as a future PAC 16 matchup?

If Jesse Palmer were to open up a clothing store, what would it be called?

Since Craig James is officially the worst analyst on the face of the planet, what will be his next job?

With last year's Alamo Bowl in mind, how many interceptions will Nick Foles throw this time?

How many sideline blow ups will Mike Stoops have?

What will King do to get kicked out of Joe's this time?