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Notes on 2012 NCAA and OSU Basketball From an OSU Football Fan Who Can't Ever Remember the Previous Year's Basketball Season and Doesn't Really Pay Close Attention Until March and Has Only a Rudimentary Understanding of How the Game is Played

1. That Keiton Page kid is gonna be some basketballer! Whew, this sparkplug is already number 17 on OSU's all-time career points list, and he is only a freshman! Can't wait to see what he's like in four years.

2. Hey, Baylor?!! How's the NCAA Gutter? Where's Your RGIII, NOW?

3. That was a great win over OU the other night. Geoff Capel is on some hot seat if he doesn't get out of this slump. Maybe Blake Griffiths could come back and play out his *eligibility. (*not sure how this works).

4. Is it just Yachoff, or is OSU operating with a limited number of players? What, did Coach Ford sell some of his players to pay for that stately new locker room?

5. Speaking of locker rooms, when is the next 25-min long episode of "OSU Basketball Cribs" to be filmed?

6. Travis Ford should call Eddie Sutton and see if he can get a copy of all those good plays and zone defenses and stuff.

7. Are the fans still camping out in Ford's Fjord to get good seats to watch Byron Eaton from?

8. Syracuse was ranked the best team in the country yesterday, but their loss to the Philidelphia 76'ers last night will evict them from their lofty perch.

9. Why doesn't T. Boone attend the games anymore? He used to be like the Jack Nicholas of OSU basketball.

10. Kansas Coach Bill Self has said that the only other school he would consider coaching is Oklahoma State. Well, when Coach Ford gets called up to his alma mater Kentucky after this year, maybe we can make that happen.