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Oklahoma State Basketball: Don't Stop Believin (Yet)

Just a few thoughts on the Baylor loss and a look at the next two games.

I know that we lost by 40 and gave up more than 100 points in 40 minutes. But if you watched the game, it was a classic example of being overwhelmed by a great team on the road. The Cowboys played reasonably well in the first half, and the wheels didn't really start to fall off until the end of it. Keiton Page's shot was off and unfortunately, we probably aren't going to ever win a game when he's not hitting his shots. That's just the unfortunate spot we're in this year.

In my opinion, the team realized this early in the second half and could not overcome it mentally. They just aren't a seasoned enough team to deal with a 10-20-30 point deficit on the road. Add to that a cold shooting day from their leader and it quickly becomes a hopeless environment.

Basketball is a very mental sport and the Cowboys just aren't mentally tough right now. A lot of that can be attributed to youth. Young teams are very rarely successful without senior leadership. Fortunately, a road loss to the #4 team in the country is not the end of the season.

The Cowboys currently sit at 2-2 in conference play and have 2 winnable games coming up @ Iowa State and then Kansas State at home. It seems reasonable to me that they could find a way to win those two. A 4-2 conference record heading in to a home game against #5 Missouri would be exciting. So don't stop believing in this team just yet. It's not over, yet.