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Oklahoma State Basketball Loses a Heart Breaker in Ames (Again)

I woke up this morning extremely disappointed by the loss but encouraged by the idea of Markel Brown at the point. That was by far our best game of the year and I firmly believe that it can be attributed to Brown's 11 assists. Let's hope that Ford sticks to the plan and leaves him there the rest of the year. As seen last night, it allows Keiton Page to do his thing and when he does his thing, we have a good chance at winning.

I guess the thing that bothers me most is Ford's decision making in the final minute of the game. We've seen Ford's inability to draw up a "last possession" type play in the final seconds several times over the last couple of seasons. Remember the terrible last second heave JPO had against KU in the Big 12 tourney last year? Last night was no different. Up 68-65 with the ball, Ford lets Keiton dribble around and shoot another 35 foot heave with 3 seconds on the shot. Ford was clearly playing it "safe" but what do you have to lose by letting the guy with 11 assists distribute the ball?

Iowa State tied the game up 68-68 on the next possession with a long 3 from Tyrus McGee and with 17 second left, Ford was left to draw up yet another last second play. Now to his credit, it appeared that he had planned on putting it in the hands of Brown - but why didn't he do that on the previous play when he was ahead three points? Why wait to go to what's working when it's too late?

Unfortunately, Brown's only turnover of the game came in the final seconds of the game when he lost the handle and sent the ball out of bounds. Moments later, "Annoying Iowa State White Guy 2012" hits a bank shot 3 for the win. and the Cowboys are sent home with the second brutal loss in as many games.

So what now? For starters, the Cowboys have got to dig in and win Saturday. Kansas State is a good team, but there are beatable. A win would put them back even in conference play at 3-3 and just might give them the confidence they would need to take on a good Missouri team at home the following week.

While the loss was brutal, the thought of Markel Brown at PG gives me sports wood hope. This team is getting better and while there's no doubt it's going to be a long season, progress is being made.