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Conference Road Wins: Sean Sutton vs Travis Ford

Travis Ford has lost 13 conference road games in a row. That got me thinking. How angry should I be that Travis Ford isn't winning on the road in relation to Sean Sutton's resume?

In Sutton's 2 years as head coach, he won 3 conference games on the road.

@ #7 Texas A&M year one
@ #18 Texas A&M year two
@ Missouri year two

Not all that great really. Travis Ford matched Sutton's total in his first year of coaching and led the Cowboys to 3 conference road victories.

The Pokes won @ Nebraska, @ Texas Tech and @ Colorado in Ford's first season as head coach. In his second season, Ford beat #9 Kansas State in Manhattan and Iowa State in Ames. That's 5 games in two seasons.

Unfortunately, that February 17th, 2010 win in Ames would be Oklahoma State's last road win.

So after 2 full years of coaching, Sean Sutton had 3 road wins and Travis Ford had 5. Ford didn't win at all on the road last year and is 0-2 this year. The Cowboys still have 6 road games to play this year:

@Texas A&M
@Texas Tech
@Kansas State

In the Big 12, anything can happen on the road - but it's going to be an uphill battle. Will Travis Ford get that elusive road win this year? Going 0-for two years in a row would be brutal, but at this point it's looking likely.