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2012 Fiesta Bowl: Pregame Thread

If you find yourself wondering if it's okay to be drinking before noon on this Fiesta Bowl Monday, the answer is yes, yes it is. Tonight will be the bookend to one amazing season, and I hope you're all here with us today and throughout the night as our Pokes take on the neckbeard and the tree's. On of my friends text me shortly after the Bedlam game, and I think now is the time to share that text with y'all.

"Watch out, Gundy just got over his final hurdle"

That's true, Bedlam was a huge hurdle, but I think a BCS win is just as important as Bedlam, if not more. I think, if we can pull this off tonight (hint: I think we'll kick their ass's), we will be beyond having to quantify every Cowboy win. They'll just become big wins.

Why am I still typing the intro to an open thread? Because I need 150 words or more. Here are some linky's for tonight's game, hope to see everyone (except Asmaki, who needs to be drunk and naked right now).

Regular Season Highlights

Media Day Quotes

Game Notes

And finally, the game notebook from Stanford (including the GPA's of every senior)

Let's party folks,

Go Pokes