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Travis Ford Loves Keiton Page...But is it too much?

Not a lot to say about Kansas State's first win in GIA since 1993. The Wildcats were physical, and we just didn't have the horses to run with them. Sound familiar?

Travis Ford questioned the officiating in his post game interview and then said something that in my opinion, is the problem with this team.

"If you need another reason to come see us play, come watch one of the greatest players to every play at Oklahoma State in Keiton Page."

Ford then continued to essentially say that he wanted more fouls called on Page's defenders.

"I'm tired of it. I am sick of it..." he said. "Everybody is just all over him. He's giving everything that he's got and he cant' even walk the next day."


I can appreciate a coach that stands up for his players, but this is just insane. Ford has seemingly had a crush on Page since the beginning and it has created chaos within the program. Look at how many PG's have left the program in a single year. Keiton Page, for the record, was 4 of 17 from the field and 1 of 9 from 3 point range. He missed several wide open looks. He very rarely shoots well against taller, more athletic opponents like Kansas State. It has nothing to do with the officials. If he were a couple of inches taller or a few pounds heavier - it wouldn't be a problem.

Travis Ford has seemingly put all of his eggs in a basket that is too small for elite Big 12 competition. And the problem is, Kansas State and Iowa State aren't even elite. Simply put, Keiton Page is not equipped to be the leader of a Big 12 Basketball program. Somehow though, that's the boat we're in right now.

Things won't get any easier for the Pokes when the #5 ranked Missouri Tigers come to town Wednesday. The Tigers are coming off a good win at Baylor in Waco. You know, the team that drilled us by 40?