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Oklahoma State Basketball vs Missouri, 6:30 tonight on ESPN2

The Missouri Tigers are #2 in the nation for the first time since that prick Quin Snyder was their coach. Remember him? Well he's currently an assistant coach with the Lakers and the Tigers, now led by Frank Haith are coming off their biggest win of the season in Waco.

The thing that stands out most to me is the size of the Tigers. 302 NCAA Division I basketball teams have an average height taller than Missouri's. If I'm being honest though, that's the only thing that gives me any hope tonight. With their 4 guard lineup, the Tigers rank fourth in scoring (84.4 ppg) and second in field goal percentage at .509

Marcus Denmon and Kim English will be a lot for the Cowboys to handle. Both average more than 15ppg and shoot better than 40% from 3. To put that in perspective: Missouri has hit 154 3 pointers this year; Denmon and English total 98. Ricardo Ratliffe is the Tigers primary big man. At 6-8, he reminds me a lot of Marshall Moses. He gets about 15 ppg and averages almost 7 rebounds. Throw the Fabulous Pressey Brothers in the mix - and you've got a very good Missouri team that will be tough to contend with.

F 10 Ricardo Ratliffe 6-8 Sr. 14.6
G 12 Marcus Denmon 6-3 Sr. 17.7
G 24 Kim English 6-6 Sr. 14.4
G 03 Matt Pressey 6-2 Sr. 8.2
G 01 Phil Pressey 5-10 So. 10.1

Oklahoma State
F 02 Le'Bryan Nash 6-7 Fr. 12.5
F 20 Michael Cobbins 6-8 Fr. 5.2
G 04 Brian Williams 6-5 Fr. 6.1
G 12 Keiton Page 5-9 Sr. 14.9
G 22 Markel Brown 6-3 So. 8.6

If Page and Nash can get back on track, we could have ourselves a game. Travis Ford tends to get one shocker a year - and it probably won't be Kansas again. But I highly doubt it. Missouri is just too balanced. Too good. Oh, and wear white.