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Weeden To The Senior Bowl: Sanders Jr. To Stanford

It's been confirmed (for a couple of days now, my bad), that Brandon Weeden will participate in the 2012 Senior Bowl. I doubt this comes as any surprise, considering he's attempting to show NFL scouts he can succeed in a pro style system. I believe he's also participating in the combine, though I haven't seen that confirmed you. The Senior Bowl is January 28th at 3pm (CST), and will be shown on the NFL Network. So, any Cowboy fans near Mobile, AL, need to get out and support the Million Dollar Man, as he tries to become the Multi-Million Dollar Man (oh, and tickets are like $10, so no excuses).

As for the other news, ESPN (as well as many other sources) are reporting that Barry Sanders Jr. will announce his choice at the Army All-American game, and is expected to choose Stanford. I know some of you will be upset, especially considering his ties, but I think that going elsewhere would be better for both Jr. and Oklahoma State. It's better for him because he can never live up to his fathers legend here. And anyone who watched that game and saw Stanford rush for 250 and OSU rush for 13 would be hard pressed to say "yeah dad, I wanna go ride pine while Monken calls 90% pass plays and gay ass delays that never work". Also, he would be behind Joseph Randle, Jeremy Smith, and Herschel Simms for playing time. It's better for Oklahoma State because, and I'll sound like a dick for pointing this out, he's injury prone. I question his durability, and we really don't need that many good running backs. It's hard enough to keep Smith and Randle happy, and we already have Simms needing reps. Keep your browse pointed to the mothership for more BSJ news.

Go Pokes