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Let's Talk Recruiting

That's the most beautiful ugliest thing I've ever seen.
That's the most beautiful ugliest thing I've ever seen.

So now that the season is over and your OSU Cowboys are both Big 12 AND Fiesta Bowl champs, it is time to turn to the fruits of their labor.


Oh, and recruiting.

First, it's become quite evident that Gundy and company know exactly what they are doing on the recruiting trail despite what the "stars" and rankings indicate. I think OSU has only had one top 25 class in the last four years and well...look at how that worked out. So with that said, don't freak out if you continue to see the staff recruiting the three star guys instead of the five star "studs." A few reasons why?

Kendall Hunter. Brandon Pettigrew. Justin Blackmon.

Click the jump and we'll get into some of the current commitments and the kids the coaches are still going after.

Let's start off with some players that are already committed.

Defensive Tackle, Calvin Barnett

Remember him? Sure you do. Pulled the ol' switcheroo back in high school on signing day and pledged to be a Razorback instead of a Cowboy. That didn't exactly sit well with the Poke fanbase but as it happens, he never made it to the Arkansas campus due to grades. After a couple years in Juco, Barnett has reaffirmed his commitment to OSU and this time it is solid. He will be a participant in Spring ball and will immediately compete for a starting spot at DT. This might be the biggest immediate impact the Pokes will get from this recruiting class. Barnett is strong, fast, and extremely athletic for his size.

Wide Receiver, CJ Curry

Want to know how to tell you're becoming a big time program? Start nabbing recruits from an SEC powerhouse team. This is exactly what OSU did when they got superstar receiver, CJ Curry, from Georgia. At 6'2" and 210 pounds, this kid is already the size you need to be to compete at this level. Honestly, he kind of fits the mold of Blackmon. He isn't a speedster but he is big, physical, and loves to go up and get the ball in traffic. Watch for him and fellow receiver recruit, Brandon Sheperd, to compete hard for some first year playing time.

Linebacker/Monster, Jeremiah Tshimanga

Scary. As in try-to-look-at-a-picture-of-him-and-not-piss-your-pants...scary. The guy is an absolute freakish specimen. At 6'3" and 230 pounds it wouldn't surprise me if the coaching staff tried to add a little more weight to his frame and spin him down to DE at times. There's a reason why schools like Alabama, LSU, Michigan, Auburn, etc. all offered this guy. He's the type that in two years can be first team All Big 12.

Quarterback, Wes Lunt

Already on campus, Lunt will immediately compete for the starting job. Will he get it? Who knows. But even if he doesn't start this year, it is only a matter of time. The guy is just as prototypical as it gets. At 6'6" he towers over the defensive line. On top of that he has a rocket arm and quick release to go with it. He needs to add a bunch of weight but I doubt Coach Glass will have any trouble with that task. This kid is going to be really, really good.

So there are some of the guys that have already pledged their commitment to the Pokes. Now let's get to some of the players the coaches are still after.

Safety/Wide Receiver, Trae Elston

Seriously, this one came out of nowhere...but it is very much welcome. He currently isn't committed anywhere but lists OSU as his leader over schools like Alabama, Florida, Florida State, and USC. Yeah, he's that breed of special. It looks like most of the schools recruiting him want him as a safety and OSU is offering him the chance to play receiver. Apparently, that is exactly what he wants. The bottom line is that an athlete like this will make a difference no matter which side of the ball he is on.

Safety, LaDarrell McNeil

Currently a Tennessee commit, McNeil absolutely loved his visits to Stillwater and plans to take an official visit later this month. To me, this guy could be the biggest grab of the remaining targets. He covers like a corner and hits like a linebacker. At 6'1" and 190 pounds he is the perfect size for playing anywhere in the secondary and having an immediate impact. With the Tennessee coaching staff falling apart, this may be the perfect opportunity for McNeil to become the next great safety at OSU.

Running Back, Trey Williams

With Barry James Sanders likely to commit to Stanford, OSU is starting to look around for the next stud that will dominate the Big 12 wearing OSU Orange (or white...or black...or gray). Look no further than 5 star superstar, Trey Williams. While he is currently committed to Texas A&M, he is definitely still looking around and plans to visit Stillwater in late January. This guy fits the mold of Kendall Hunter only faster. He's 5'8" and 175 pounds and thus fits the scat back role very well.