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BCS Title or Bedlam Basketball: Ugly Either Way

Set your DVR's folks because this is going to be absurd.

On one channel, you'll have the most (or second most) boring game in the history of college football between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide. For the record, we call bullshit. You can't not win your conference and play for the national title. Period. The honey badger is good, but he'd be just another DB with a solid return game in the Big 12. I'm thinking a little heavier Justin Gilbert. Give me Gilbert.

Eff LSU. Eff Bama. Oklahoma State would destroy you. Your defense is good but it's not THAT much better than Kansas State, or Texas, or Oklahoma. Our offense IS that much better than the bullshit you've played. I won't be watching.

What I will be watching is another ugly ass game between the Sooners and Cowboys on the hardwood. OU will visit GIA tonight in what could very well be the ugliest Bedlam game in the history of the series.

Page is hurt, Brown is hurt and the rest are freshman. Pretty much sums it up huh?

The Sooners are off to a wonderful 0-2 start in conference play but they did lead KU at the half. I'm thinking this will be a Sooner slumpbuster that's bigger than Sam's slumpbusters back in his heyday.

So yeah, what appears to be a decent sports watching night is ugly. Choose bedlam and hope that the Ghost of Henry Iba wills us a win.